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Club Enrolment

Club Enrolment


If you have... Up to


clubs or events
Up to


clubs or events
extras @ £0.50/month
Up to


clubs or events
extras @ £0.50/month
Up to


clubs or events
extras @ £0.50/month
you pay...


(free plan)


(basic plan)


(standard plan)


(premium plan)
setup procedure You enter info about clubs & leaders, then email your existing members.
Parents enter all their information, so you don't have to!
initial training
online user manual online user manual online user manual
+ phone/skype calls
online user manual
+ phone/skype calls and personal visit if feasible
ongoing help and support
by email by email/phone/skype by email/phone/skype by email/phone/skype

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All subscriptions have no set up fees and no cancellation fees. There's no long-term contract – you can cancel at any time. Payment is exclusively by monthly direct debit.


We believe ClubEnrolment.com is the best offer on the market for administering children's clubs, and we're sure you'll come to the same conclusion! Here's some information about a few alternatives.


An increasing number of schools now use ParentPay for all payments, such as school trips, lunches, uniforms, etc. It's a very good system.

Plus points: If you use ParentPay too, parents will see your club alongside what they're paying to the school anyway, and it's very easy for them.
On the down side: Cost and complexity. £550 to get set up, then £250+£1 per child annually. Sledgehammer to crack a nut, really.


WebCollect is a mature, UK-based service for organising clubs and events.

Plus points: pricing on a par with ClubEnrolment.com, wider array of features on offer.
On the down side: more fiddly to operate, for club organisers and customers; not adapted at all for small screens (e.g. customers using smartphones).

Wild Apricot, ClubRunner, MemberClicks, etc.

There are numerous other packages out there, but many are based in North America, which raises issues of currency exchange costs, data protection, and more. They also seem to be rather expensive!